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Purina Enrich Plus (50 lb)

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Brand Purina
SKU 804273038889
Size 50 lb
Extended Description THIS USED TO BE ENRICH 32
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Horses need more nutrition than forage alone can provide. 
Today’s horses are typically limited to a single type of forage in one geographic area. Pastures in the same area or even different sections of the same pasture can have inconsistent nutrient values. Unfortified grains such as straight oats and corn can also have variable amounts of protein, minerals and vitamins. So horses need your help to achieve the nutritional balance they once derived naturally.

Enrich Plus® Ration Balancing Feed Adds Necessary Nutrients to Your Horse’s Diet
Enrich Plus® is a concentrated, pelleted ration balancing horse feed that may be fed as a horse’s sole ration along with quality hay or pasture to provide the proper balance of protein, vitamins and minerals without unnecessary calories. It can also be fed with unfortified whole grains.

Enrich Plus® Ration Balancing Feed is Best Suited for:
-Easy Keepers: Easy Keepers who maintain body weight and condition on hay or pasture alone, or are not able to eat the minimum recommended amount of another feed without gaining unwanted weight. 
-Young, Growing Horses: Young, Growing Horses who may require concentrated nutrition to support growth and development, but with fewer calories to support slower growth rate or reduced body condition when recommended.
- Stallions & Early Gestation Mares: Stallions & Early Gestation Mares that may need a more concentrated source of nutrition. Also appropriate for working horses who may need a protein, vitamin and mineral supplementation.

Crude Protein MIN-32.00 %

Lysine MIN-2.70 %

Crude Fat MIN-5.00 %

Crude Fiber MAX-5.50 %

Calcium (Ca) MIN-3.25 %

Calcium (Ca) MAX-4.25 %

Phosphorus (P) MIN-1.60 %

Copper (Cu) MIN-185.00 PPM

Zinc (Zn) MIN-500.00 PPM

Vitamin A MIN-18,000 IU/LB

Vitamin E MIN-600 IU/LB

Selenium (Se) MIN-2.0 PPM

Starch MAX-5.00 %

Sugars MAX-10.00 %

Neutral Detergent Fiber (NDF) MAX-14.00 %

Acid Detergent Fiber (ADF) MAX-8.00 %