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Purina Layena Crumbles (50 lb)

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Brand Purina
SKU 804273046174
Size 50 lb
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Optimum nutrition for healthy birds and nutritious eggs. A 16%-protein, high-calcium ration formulated with prebiotics, probiotics and yeast for top-producing laying hens once they reach 18 weeks of age.

Purina® Layena® Crumbles include our Oyster Strong® System for strong shells. Oyster shell provides another source of calcium when the hens need it most. Oyster shell is a larger particle size than limestone. This means that oyster shell will stay in the digestive tract longer and will provide a source of calcium for egg shell production over a longer period of time than smaller particle sources of calcium. This is especially important at night when egg shell formation is rapidly occurring and dietary sources of calcium are limited because the bird is not eating.

Purina® Layena® Layer Feed is available in pellets or crumbles. Pellets and crumbles include the same nutrition, so choosing between the two is a personal preference. Pellets are a great way to limit feed waste.

Purina® Layena® pellets and crumbles are available in 10 lb. and 50 lb. bags. 

Crude Protein MIN-16.00 %

Lysine MIN-0.70 %

Crude Fat MIN-2.50 %

Crude Fiber MAX-6.50 %

Calcium (Ca) MIN-3.25 %

Calcium (Ca) MAX-4.25 %

Phosphorus (P) MIN-0.45 %

Vitamin A MIN-3,000 IU/LB

Vitamin D3 MIN-800 IU/LB

Vitamin E MIN-12 IU/LB

Manganese (Mn) MIN-100 PPM

Methionine MIN-0.30 %

Sodium (Na) MIN-0.30 %

Sodium (Na) MAX-0.80 %

Phytase (A. Oryzae) MIN-227 FYT/lb